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What is new


With Pujie Watch Faces 6.0 a couple of new things are possible. We added the option to have curved text in the text layer. We added a sweep gradient to the layer fill and stroke, and allow opacity setting for the individual colors of a gradient.


With Pujie Watch Faces 5.0 a couple of new things are possible. We added an icon layer & global variables.

Icon LayersGlobal Variables & FunctionsPUJIE 4.0

With Pujie Watch Faces 4.0 a lot of new things are possible. You can add images and automate the layers of your custom complications and custom elements.

Image LayersAutomationPUJIE 3.6

Pujie Watch Faces 3.6 adds a lot of new elements to the watch element designer, click the links below to jump to the new stuff!

Text LayersArc LayersLayer GroupingNew Layer OperationsRotate Tool