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What is new


With Pujie Watch Faces 6.1 many new are possible. We added color automation, tap automation, stroke dashes and imporing SVG files and SVG paths

Tap automationColor automationPUJIE 6.0

With Pujie Watch Faces 6.0 a couple of new things are possible. We added the option to have curved text in the text layer. We added a sweep gradient to the layer fill and stroke, and allow opacity setting for the individual colors of a gradient.


With Pujie Watch Faces 5.0 a couple of new things are possible. We added an icon layer & global variables.

Icon LayersGlobal Variables & FunctionsPUJIE 4.0

With Pujie Watch Faces 4.0 a lot of new things are possible. You can add images and automate the layers of your custom complications and custom elements.

Image LayersAutomationPUJIE 3.6

Pujie Watch Faces 3.6 adds a lot of new elements to the watch element designer, click the links below to jump to the new stuff!

Text LayersArc LayersLayer GroupingNew Layer OperationsRotate Tool