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Pujie Black has a new trick

November 10th, 2022

And looks quite happy about it 🙂.

Pujie Black Heart Rate
Pujie Black 5.1 watch face, including heart rate and step count, get it here.

Continuous Heart Rate

With the release of Wear OS 3 and the amazing new Google Pixel Watch, Pujie Black has a new trick. We can now display continuous heart rate measurements directly on your watch face. That means live updates while the watch face is in interactive mode.

Of course Pujie Black is smart about it, and disables the active measurements when your watch face does not have a heart rate display.

This update also includes live step count updates on Wear OS 3 devices.

Like this watch face, tap here to open it in Pujie Black.

Want to try it for yourself? Download Pujie Black from the Play Store.

Check it out below

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We hope you enjoy Pujie Black!!