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Fix for Oppo Watch

October 19th, 2020

Pujie Black for rectangular watches.

Pujie Black for Oppo Watch
The Oppo Watch has a rectangular screen

Lately 2 new Wear OS devices (Oppo Watch & Xiaomi Mi Watch) with rectangular screens have been released. This introduces quite a change as before all watches either had round or square screens, which both have equal side.

In Pujie Black 4.2.20 we already made rectangular screens possible (for now only on the watch), but the Oppo Watch still had some issues. This is now fixed in 4.2.26, which is currently rolling out.

Note that currently we don't support a proper preview of your rectangular design in the phone app, but it will be rendered correctly on your watch.

Pujie Black for Rectangular watches
The Oppo Watch (left) and the Xiaomi Mi Watch side by side

You can now enjoy your Pujie Black watch faces on your rectangular watch. For the next major release we will work on propely displaying rectangular faces in the phone app.

If you need any help, please visit our support pages:

Or contact us at [email protected]

We hope you will continue to enjoy Pujie Black!!