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User profile

Every user in the library has a user profile page. The user profile page shows all public items of a user. Additionally it contains a list of followers of the user.

You can access your own user profile from the navigation drawer in the main view of Pujie Watch Faces, or from the overflow menu in the watch face library.

Edit profile

Using the edit profile button on your own user profile page, you can change your nick name, biography and profile image.

Edit profile button
Tap to edit your profile.

This will bring you to your edit profile page as shown below.

Change user image
Tap to choose a new user image.
Follow a user

To start following a user, press the little heart icon on their user profile page. When you following a user, you will receive a notification if that user has added a new item to the watch face library.

Follow user
Tap to start following the user.