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Installation / Initial Setup

A number of question related to installation and initial setup

How do I install the app on my watch.

To install the app your watch, please go to the Play Store on your watch. You can get there faster by using the installation help page in the phone app.

Tap on the label Tap here to learn how to install Pujie Watch Faces on your watch on the start screen (see image below).

  1. Press the button to open the Play Store on your watch (or search for Pujie in the Play Store on the watch).

  2. In the Play Store listing of Pujie Watch Faces on your watch, press the Install button. If you only see an Uninstall or Refund button, it means that the app is already installed.

    If you are asked to pay again, don't do it! You should not have to pay twice! Make sure that you are using the same Google account on both devices. If you are, restart the watch and try again.
  3. Once the installation has finished, go back to your current watch face and long press the watch screen.
  4. Swipe untill you see Pujie Watch Faces, it could be in the Add watch face / Add new section.

Check out the video below demonstrating how to select Pujie as your watch face. Not that the process is similar on Galaxy Watches:

The process of selecting Pujie as your watch face