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Fitness data

A collection of frequently asked questions related to Fitness data

How can I add heart rate to the watch faces?

If you have a Tizen watch (Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, Gear Sport, Gear S3), this is currently not possible.

On Wear OS Heart rate can be added through an external data provider, for this you will have to install a third party app. For instance the app Heart Trace does a good job at this, install it as follows

  1. Open Play Store app on your watch
  2. Search for Heart Trace
  3. Install the app

Now you will have to add Heart Trace as an external data provider, you can this for one of the indicators for example.

  1. Long press your watch screen, untill the watch screen get smaller
  2. Click the little gear icon
  3. Go to Customize, Indicators, Interactive
  4. Tap the indicator you want to change
  5. Choose External data provider
  6. Look for Heart Trace
  7. Close all screens by swiping to the right
  8. You should now see heart rate on your watch