Version 6.0
Pujie Watch Faces 6.0

Welcome to Pujie Watch Faces 6.0, we have updated a lot! Please click the link below to read the news item about this big new release:
Introducing: Pujie Watch Faces

Below a list of all the changes in version 6 of our application:
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Version 5.1
UX updates
This update is mainly about improving the user experience. We changed the names of the libraries (Preset Library to Local Library & Watch part library to Element library), and will now refer to watch faces instead of presets.

To access the Cloud Library or the other 2 libraries, you don't need storage access anymore, this is optional. It is only required, if you want to see your locally stored items. Permissions are now requested when you actually want to see the data instead of at the very beginning.
No more support for Wear OS 1.x
We also updated Pujie Black to use the new recommended engine for Wear OS watches. This means that with this release we also support for Wear OS 1.x watches. It has been a long time coming, and now after 8 years we have to move forward.
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Version 5.0
Element Based
All parts are moved to one big list of elements. These elements consist of the previously available custom elements (Live Texts & Complications), but also all the other parts, like the watch hands, graphics, tickmarks & numbers, digital clocks, date labels, progress circles, indicators & tap targets. Your older presets will automatically be converted to the new format.
Rectangular previews
You can now set the phone app to show Rectangular previews. This allows for more ease of use when designing for watches like the Oppo Watch and the Xiaomi Mi Watch.
Global variables
For the advanced users, you can now define global variables and functions in your custom elements (previously known as Live Texts). This makes it much easier to re-use code within your watch parts.
Icon Layer
To improve the range of possibilities, we added an Icon Layer to the watch part designer. For now it comes with a big set of Material Design Icons and Fluent Design Icons.
New tags
The set of tags which you can use in Custom Elements has been extended, including the often requested seconds and milliseconds.
Dark mode
Designing at night? Tweaking in the evening? Dark mode is here to protect your eyes. And luckily, at the same time, it makes the interface look pretty nice as well.
Better animation control
All elements now have better animation control. You can choose to animate to it's equivalent in the other view (Ambient vs Interactive), or you can set the position, scale and rotation of the target location yourself.
No more support for Tizen Watches (Gear S3, Gear Sport & the Galaxy Watches 2, 3 & Active)
Unfortunately, because we were removed from the Galaxy Store, Pujie Black is not compatible anymore with Tizen watches. The Tizen watch app cannot be updated, therefore it will not be possible to use presets created with version 5.0 with a Tizen watch.
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Version 4.2.27
Minor update
Version 4.2.26
Minor update
Version 4.2.20
Minor update
Version 4.2
Bug fixes
Main aim for this release was to fix some of the early issues on Tizen watches. These include AOD not working perfectly, missing elements, deleting of saved presets. These should all be fixed now. We are still waiting for Samsung Health access.
The main interface now shows the OPR of the ambient face. Tizen watches use a value called On Pixel Ratio (OPR) to determine if AOD (Always on display aka ambient mode) is allowed. If the OPR is bigger than 15%, AOD is not allowed, and the Pujie Black ambient face will not show.
New data tags
We added a lot of new data tags for the Custom Elements:

locality, country, state, latitude, longitude, last heartrate, max heartrate, min heartrate, average heartrate, max temperature, min temperature, steps history, walking history, running history, cycling history calendar events, full current event, full upcoming event
Multi color gradients
The watch part editor now supports multi color gradient!
Tasker variables
You can now send your Tasker variables to Pujie Black, so you can use them in the Live Text elements. This will allow you to add all kinds of data to your watch faces.
Improved sharing
With the shutdown of we have lost a great place to discover Pujie Black presets. To compensate for that loss, this release includes improved sharing. Using the share button now always includes preview images, this should work with sharing to any social network.
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Version 4.1
Tizen OS - Samsung Galaxy Watches
It is with great pride that we present the new version of Pujie Black. Starting version 4.1 Pujie Black is now available for Samsung Galaxy Watches (besides every possible Wear OS device out there)! The Tizen OS version has almost the exact same functionality as the Wear OS version and can be downloaded from the Galaxy Store for free. It requires authentication by the paid phone app, so there is currently no standalone version.
Tickmarks & numbers
The phone app has been updated with a new style tickmarks and numbers editor. It was specifically designed for ease of use and flexibility. You can now add multiple layers of custom tickmarks and easily place them on their required positions on the watch face. Have a look at the video below to see how it works.
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Version 4.0.69
Minor update
Version 4.0.67
Minor update
Version 4.0
Image Layers
One of the most requested features was to be able to add images to your Pujie Black watch faces. This is now possible by adding an image layer to your custom watch parts.
You can now automate some properties of your layers using JavaScript. This will work in Live Texts and the new Custom Complications. Automation works on layer positioning, scaling and rotation, and some of the layer specific properties like the properties of an arc layer and the properties of a text layer.
Custom Complications
Using the watch part editor you can create a custom complication style, which can display the data of an external complication provider (or one of the build-in data providers).

You define a style, which should work with several data configurations and afterwards you apply the data to it. To achieve this you can use automation to create conditional visibilities, or position them
Cloud Library
And last, but certainly not least, an in-app Cloud Library. The Cloud Library allows you to store and share your presets and watch parts with the other users of the library. You can like and comment on items and it automatically keeps your items synced, so it will always contain your latest versions.

To get access to the library you can start with a free trial, but after the trial it will require a paid subscription.
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Version 3.6
Watch part drawer
We worked hard to improve the watch part drawer, to make it easier to make intricate watch parts. New features include the option to group layers and to rotate layers. There are 2 new layer types, Arc Layers and most importantly Text Layers!
Font browser
For the Text Layers and all other text elements on the watch face you can make use of a huge set of 800+ new fonts (with courtesy of the Google Fonts system).
Live texts
To optimally make use of the new Text Layers, Pujie Black 3.6 introduces a new Watch Part called Live Text. Live Texts are intended to show Text in a fancy way (think a Date box or a Flip Clock). You can use all kinds of Tags to gather the data you want to show as text. For instance you can show your fit statistics, weather conditions, but also just the time or the date.
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Version 3.5
Configuration on the watch
Pujie Black 3.5 is all about a new configuration menu on the watch! You can now, save presets & select presets directly from the watch. When running Android Wear 2.0 you can also import presets, directly from the web.
Android Wear 2.0 - Complications
Once you have received the Android Wear 2.0 update on your watch you can now replace the indicators, the top label and the tapdrawer buttons in your preset with external complications. These external complications can show data from external data providers.
Android Wear 2.0 - Background
Like with the indicators, you can use the Android Wear 2.0 complication system to choose an external data provider as the source for the background of the Interactive and Ambient view. This will allow you to display images, you current media or whatever external data providers will think of!
Android Wear 2.0 - Standalone
Pujie Black can now be run as a standalone app on Android Wear 2.0. When running standalone, the app does it's own weather, calendar and fit data polling. Using the new configuration menu it is possible to change some of the most important settings. This also means that you can now use Pujie Black even when you have your watch connected to an iPhone or if your phone is turned off.
Lost features :(
The option Enfore black and white in ambient has been removed. Because of the custom backgrounds and watch hands it is now impossible to determine which elements should be white and which elements should be black.
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Version 3.4
Custom watch hands & background
Starting version 3.4 Pujie Black has it's own vector drawing tool inside, allowing you to draw your own watch hands and backgrounds. These watch hands and background will be fully vector, meaning they will be crisp at any resolution. You can also share them with other users!
Free indicator size and position
You can now change the size and position of the indicator freely. Look in the Shared tab to enable this feature.
A better backup method has been implement. From the settings you can send yourself a backup file and import this on another device or just keep it as a backup (which will contain your presets, watch hands and background).
Icon pack support
For the tap drawer you can now also assign icons from the icon packs you have installed on your device.
Sharing has been slightly changed too. To account for the increasingly long share codes. When you share, the codes are uploaded to the cloud, which allows you to share with a much shorter share code. This does mean that share codes are not really meant for backing up any more, please use the backup mechanism for that.
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Version 3.3
Phone app UI
The UI went through a pretty big makeover, for looks and for ease of use. First of all, the app now completely re-colors itself to match your preset. This makes every preset fit in perfectly and well it's just looks nice :). This is accompanied by a Navigation Drawer to achieve a more Material app structure.

The preset library also got a big makeover, including a new search option to find your presets more easily. If you are so lucky to run Lollipop or Marshmallow, some of these elements will have some nice transitions attached to them.
Another big thing is the addition of Shortcuts for Tap Actions. Besides the current tap action you can now choose from all of the possible shortcuts on your phone (like direct Call, direct message etc). This makes a lot more possible without the need for Tasker.
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Version 3.2
Custom Interactivity!
The most interactive Pujie Black ever! You can assign custom actions to a huge number of possible tap targets. A new Tap drawer, mini tap targets and all three indicator make up to 13 assignable tap targets! For all these tap targets you can choose from:
Weather Forecast
There is now a new Weather view with either a 5 day forecast or the forecast for the upcoming 12 hours.
Android M
For all you Android M users, Pujie Black now uses the new permission model, and is fully tested with Doze!
Tasker Tasks
You can now use Tasker to change your current preset, and you can start any Tasker task directly from the watch face.
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Version 3.1
N.B. To fully take use of the new interactive watch face you will need the latest version of Android Wear, which is rolling out over the next few weeks. Hang tight for the update!

With the introduction of the interactive watch faces API, Pujie Black now officially supports two extra views (Calendar view & Fit view). You can change the position of these touch areas in the main settings ().
Precision seekbars
To create your presets with more precision, you can now see and change the exact value of all settings which are manipulated using seekbars.
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Version 3.0
Pujie Black 3.0 is out. With a huge number of new stuff!
Data sending
To save battery, customization changes are not send to the watch directly. Use the send button () on the toolbar to update your watch. Look in the main settings (), if you prefer the old way.
Advanced mode
In advanced mode, there is a lot more freedom to choose the position and size of the watch face parts. Checking the box, automatically adds/removes options to/from the customization section.
Increase customization section
You can now increase the size of the customization section by sliding it upwards using the slidebar.
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